Distant But Together

My name is Maurizio Guarrata, one of the first CrossFit athlete, Trainer and Affiliate Owner in Italy since 2009. I was lucky enough to study, practice and fall in love with CrossFit (the old school like I call it) with all those amazing firebreathers like Greg Amudson, Annie Sakamoto, Josh Everett and many more and I thank them to have instilled in me the passion I still have until today.

I deeply wish you could take few minutes of your valuable time to read the presentation of my brand new project and through your help trying to spread the voice of our Community all around the world stronger than ever. A premise Since our understanding of the virus and its impact is changing on a daily basis, it’s important to stay informed. That said, one thing is already clear: COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re in for more of a marathon than a sprint. We will all need to learn to adapt to this “new normal.” We’re living in a time of great uncertainty and stress. If we’re not careful, we can all too easily become overwhelmed and consumed by anxiety and fear.  In fact, COVID-19 is only one of many things in our modern world that threaten our longevity and wellness. Our modern environment has changed so much faster than our genome, that it is important for all of us to be proactive and informed about how to stay healthy despite these modern challenges. And this is not only related to our bodies but especially to our minds and mental approach. The good news is that there’s a lot we can do to build resilience, optimize our health, and yes, cultivate more joy, even in the midst of the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in.
While this is a time of significant change and uncertainty, the strength of the CrossFit community remains certain.
The world needs people like YOU. The basic idea of our project is to keep our CrossFit Community alive, active, engaged, and ready to get back into their own gyms (once this thing passes), even if it means having to work out remotely.

At the time of this writing, many affiliates, athletes and organizations have already found alternative means to provide at-home workouts and maintain the vital social bond between their members. It is deeply heartening to see our community finding solutions to support one another and maintain connection. And this is the aim of our project called: DBT – Distant But Together.

The DBT Project
CrossFit, interactive live online sessions, every day, with You and other big names of the CrossFit Community scheduled throughout the week and month. Each day, streaming live, based on a scheduled program, You appear live and perform the Workout of the Day you wish. Athlete will alternate every day for the entire week, month and/or the entire period of this tragic lockdown. The project needs your help and all athletes/big names help to be spread through our both websites, socials and media so that all masses know about the project and be available to follow our live sessions.
Having athletes like You, loved by everyone, creates a strong Community, therefore the desire to be able to share not only the WOD but also and above the sense of belonging not only to the CrossFit community but to the whole world. Eventually donation might be taken into consideration due the famous athletes and big names taking part to the project. Our role will only be related to the organization and scheduling of all the athletes who will alternate each day and to moderate all interventions.

We will use Facebook as platform for our daily live sessions for the following