Workout of the Day – Friday 190215


5 Rounds For Time
800 meter Run
30 Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5 pood)
30 Pull-Ups

Note:This CrossFit “Girl” WOD was first posted on as the workout of the day for Sunday, February 24, 2008 (080224). It’s named after Eva Twardokens (aka: Eva T.), one of the original CrossFitters back in the days when CrossFit existed in founder Greg Glassman’s gym in Santa Cruz, CA.

Eva is a frequent star of the old CrossFit videos, including the now infamous “Nasty Girls” video. For many “Nasty Girls” was the spark for their CrossFit journey.


Today we celebrate this Workout to be close to her. By now you have heard that Eva T. was seriously injured in a plane crash on 2/9/19. She is currently in the ICU at Natividad Medical Center in Salinas. Injuries sustained were quite serious including a shattered leg and foot, spinal fractures, and the most serious injury being a subdural hematoma for which she had surgery quickly after admission. She has been in a medically induced coma since surgery. Today (2/11/19) they are starting bringing her out of the coma to further assess and treat her many injuries.

Eva was taken off of the respirator and is breathing well on her own. Her heart and lungs are strong. She was visited by a physical therapist, who mainly moved her limbs to keep joints lubricated. Good thing the therapist doesn’t know with whom he/she is dealing


She is still breathing on her own. The machine in place for back up has not been necessary. We all know she has the heart and lungs of a super-athlete, so what did they expect? She has been cleared for surgery to repair the multiple fractures in her left foot and leg and it is scheduled for tomorrow. This will free her up to have an MRI sometime soon. She has been taken off the Big Gun Drug (Fentanyl), hooray. Eva still has many tubes delivering meds but overall she looks better to Mitch. The most touching report is that the flight instructor who was with her in the plane was able to visit and speak to her today. Mitch said it was very very moving to witness that.

Eva was cleared for surgery for her leg fractures today.  After over 3 hours in the operating room she returned to the ICU.  Pins were removed that were holding the bones together from the outside, replaced with other hardware internally.  Surgery was evidently not needed on her foot, so yay! The drain to her brain surgical site was no longer necessary so it was removed.  Her vital signs are stable and she had PT again today.  Mitch observed some hand/finger movements, thumb touching each finger exploring around a bit.  The nurse felt this was purposeful movement.  The anesthesia was still present in her system from surgery so she was pretty somnolent and not “awake.”  The nurse mentioned that she “has a bit of pneumonia,” so she is on antibiotics for that.  No other meds are being administered at this time other than nutrition and fluids for hydration.